Metro and buses  

There are 2 metro stops beneath Termini station (A/B lines) and a bus terminus in front of it.

The main Metro lines are A and B and there is also a network of services on the surface (buses, trams). A single ticket costs € 1.50 and you can use it for the metro (one trip) as well as for buses (within 100 minutes). Tickets may be purchased at every railway and Metro station, although also from licensed sales points (newspaper kiosks, bars, tobacconists, Tourist Information Points).
More details (maps and routes) here

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Taxis in Rome are white and have a TAXI sign on their roof. You can wait for a taxi at the Taxi Stands or you can call for it; each radio taxi company has a number to request a taxi.
We suggest the following:

CHIAMATAXI: (+39) 06 0609
RADIOTAXI: (+39) 06 3570
TAXI LA CAPITALE: (+39) 06 4994
TAXI SAMARCANDA: (+39) 06 5551

Taxis have a meter that starts at a preset amount which differs by time of day.

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