• Separation, identification, and quantitation of stereoisomers
  • Chirality in light-matter interactions and chiroptical spectroscopies
  • Impact of chirality in biology and in medicine
  • Asymmetric synthesis & catalysis
  • Chiral materials
  • Supramolecular chirality
  • Chirality sensing
  • Unconventional techniques to explore chirality
  • Homochirality

chirality journalThe journal Chirality (Wiley) is honored to continue the tradition of publishing a special virtual collection of the proceedings for the conference.
All presenters and speakers are welcome to submit their work for publication.
Please note that all submissions will be subject to the journal’s rigorous peer review process. Further details will be provided in due course.


33rd International Symposium on Chirality
Rome July 24-27, 2023

Sapienza Università di Roma
Università di Pisa
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